Monday, 12 June 2017

How is coke made

yesterday room 7 went to room 8 because Miss Ashley had a meeting to go so Miss AShley ask Miss Morison if wen can go to her class and she said yes.In room 8 Miss Morison give us video watch together and it was about coke and how it is made,So the he video was how is it made so we all watch it together.So as  that was finish we watch two more,Miss Morison give us the videos because we were going to do a test of it and it was called kahoot as we on it the first thing we had to do was put in the pin for it after that we had to put our real names in so our name will show up on Miss laptop so we can start the test.So the test start and we had to do it fast to get more points so who get's the more points they be in 1th place and as the test goes it can change every time as the test goes on.After that it was the last and it show the winners and it was a fun test i was in 9th place and got 15 right and 2 wrong,it is so cool.

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