Sunday, 30 April 2017

My goals

This is my buntent also my goals where to use school values to earn a school badge. 

Thursday, 6 April 2017

captain underpants explaination

you have seen me reading the book captain underpants but today I explain what happen in the story.

duffy book

today am reading captain underpants

captain underpants book

Me and edith is learning more about captain underpants also we are collecting all the books

captin underpants

Me and edith was reading captain underpants right now we are up to chapter 3.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Sailing Recount

Today half of room7 and room8 went to sailing.We had to wait in the hall in to it was time to go also it was raining but we saw were going. For the sailing trips is a towel,sunscreen and togs because it we are going to get wet.So when it was time we saw had to wait because Mrs Ashley told him if he had togs he said no so Mrs Ashley had to call his mum to drop off some togs for him so we waited.So we she arrived we or walking out to the carpark also the teachers had to drive us there,four kids went into each car.As we arrived we got in touch with Ruben so he told us first to get ready and put our togs on As we were done he told us what to do next and I felt excited.

Ruben told us to listening carefully we had to put wetsuit on top of our togs.So after that we had to listen to him about the boat how to do it so first he got the boat ready with spirit on,Rudder on,Centerboard on and a bailer so he put or those thing on so then he told us to try ourself with no help so that why we had to listen carefully so ruben give us partners so we chose our boat and got ready to get the boat ready so well we got it ready in time so when we got it ready we had to drag the boat down to the water so then he told us to have a little eat so we can have power.

Then it was time to go sailing so we went at a time in the water so ruben tie your rope to his boat so he can drive us there and he tie us to a pontoon and went back for the when me and angel was wait angel started to freak out she was getting our crazy she was touch everything I told her to calm down and 30 seconds she calm relax so when everybody was here he drive all the way down to the sea well we were sailing there was big waves coming to us so then I freak out so hard also we were going around the sea down the sea and it was fun so well we were he let us go so everybody got scared they yelled out ''don't let me go'' we were all sacred and we were getting through it so we were sailing so good we have fun.Also when we finish sailing we went to a deck and we had to  make the boat go down and so we did now we had to make the boat go back up then we did it now we had to try to go back in the boat when one kid get in he need to help up so when that was finsh we all jump of the boat and started to swim around so we it was past 30 secound and we went back in the boat and sail back.

At sailing I felt scared,cold also it was fun I like jumping off the boat and it was the fun thing I did in this year.

Sunday, 2 April 2017


We were reading about how do Autism feel mostly they feel stressed,scared and confused.