Wednesday, 16 August 2017

5o year of no-talk

One gloomy day Maddie and her dog Buddy went for a stroll on the Mountain. Maddie was a pretty, tall ballerina and Buddy was a brown talking dog. She dances a lot, every time in the mornings and in the night. Their also lived a beautiful Happy fairy and her name was Edith. She lived in a castle which was outstanding. She liked to use her magic to save people and she also made them very happy.

As they were walking they saw a strange looking cave, they kept on walking up until they came past this old lady. This old lady was ugly but she looked very innocent. Maddie felt sorry for her so she sat down next to the woman and asked, “What is your name?” the lady replied and said, “Sasha”. “Well nice to meet you Sasha” said Maddie, “My name is Maddie and I am a ballerina, this is my dog Buddy he can talk”, added on Maddie. The woman glared at Maddie in a weird way but didn’t care to say anything. “Do you want to come with us?” asked Maddie, “Sure” said the woman. They turned around and started walking down the mountain. They walked past the strange cave and Sasha stopped and mentioned, “I’m going to get something I forgot, wait for me here”, Sasha walked back up and got something. She hid it behind her back and walked down to Maddie and Buddy. Maddie looked suspiciously at Sasha but assumed nothing was happening. Little did Maddie and Buddy know Sasha was not some innocent lady, she was an ugly, wicked witch with black hair and yellow teeth. She was holding a wand and a hat. She stood and she waited so did Maddie and  Buddie. “Wh-What are you doing?” asked Maddie, “I’ve been waiting for you”, mentioned Sasha. Sasha put on her hat. Maddie and Buddy gasped, “You're a witch aren’t you” said Maddie, “Of course i’m a witch little girl”, she grabbed her wand and yelled, “With all my power don’t let this girl walk and give her 50 years of non-talk!” Sasha pushed Maddie into the cave along with  With 50 years of non-talk Buddy was made he wanted to do something so he went and told the happy fairy. “Edith, Maddie is on a spell from Sasha the witch!” Edith didn’t believe him so he went back to the cave.

After a few hours buddy was looking after maddie he goes and tries again so he walked  towards her and says “HURRY am not joking please help her i can prove it”She says nice “Ok lets see.When buddy took the happy fairy to the cave she sees that maddie was in a cave she got very worried,So she tells buddy what spell is she under so buddy says “The spell she under is no-talking”So the happy fairy does her magic and she photogram the cave and maddie in it and suddenly it can open in 54321... “YES”replied buddy and the happy fairy she was all free and all of them was happy and relieved so what maddie learnt was don’t talk to strangers because something might happen.



on friday 11 of august we were going to a program called geg i was very excited the first thing we did was get into groups who gets in which car.When everybody got in each group and in the cars we headed off to the geg,When we got there we went inside and a nice lady grab our tickets and give some paper to write our name and school and after that we with in a theatre.

A geg is when you go in groups and go to different programs around a college there are different schools presenting their work they made for the programs.The first thing we went to was the maze what we had to do there was make mazes,but it was all fill up so we went to another program.

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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The old lady got lost

One sunny fine day there were an old lady and grandkids they were strolling through the street because they loved spending time with her,When they were walking with her they were just chilling with each other.

Then suddenly noticed that she was missing so they went worried and they started looking for her the were getting more freaked out so they call the cops for help. When they came they tolded them “Hi can you help us please”they replied to them and “sure let get started”.

The first think they did was the use their touches to look for grandmother as they look halfway down street and up suddenly grandmother bump into one of the cops,”is this your grandmother”,”YES” so when they find her so example why she disappeared she says”Sorry guys i was in lost my glasses and i didn’t know where i was looking and i was trying to look for you guys too.”Well that ok grandmother in less we find you,”hey i find your glasses”,”Welk thank you”Let's go home.

Thursday, 10 August 2017


  • Breakout 1 Riley and her dad.
  • Under the sea and exploring.
  • Young ocean explorers.

  • Breakout 2
  • Making our own Awesome Animations.

  • Breakout 3
  • Using chartater.
  • Drawing our own chartater .

  • Breakout 4
  • a story with lego
  • Creating a story


Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Pak N Save

Today room 7 and room 9 were going to packing save.Why we were going to packing save because we are going to read out so labels from each kind of food.The first thing we did was we went into to groups and got sorted,When room 9 came to out class they went in there groups just like us so when they got sorted the buses were here then the first group headed to the bus the way to pak n save also the fun part was we got to sit at the back but i didn't.

When we got there we check if everybody was here after we check we saw a lady from the heart foundation and her name was Tina she was a very nice lady she went through what we were going to do.So the thing we had to do was we get a paper and it has labels and we have to write down the name of the food and write the sugar and that after that on the behind there were colours name what we had to do on that page was write down what fruit that has that colour inside it.After we went through that we went in packing save and the thing we went in was bars and my groups pick two of any bars and write down the sugar and that,After when we finished that we went onto bread and pick any kind of bread write the labels and also i pick two bread that had the same labels.

After that we went to milk and i pick yummy things and they were a little healthy and had same labels and i also felt like eating it because it made me so hungry.When we finished that we went on a last one and that was cereals and i pick coco pops and wrote the labels and then i pick another cereal and wrote the labels.After all that we had to found the colour of the inside of the fruit and it took a bit a rush because we were bit of a hurry and then we finally we all though.

When we finish i was think in packing save it was amazing i love it,it made me think more about doing labels and learning lots of labels so when i was thinking the bus came it was coolImage result for pak n save