Thursday, 30 March 2017

Our game

Today we were finishing our games as soon we were finish we could play it it was called obsta school it was a fun  game.

Also the rolls for the game is to start you have to roll a double.
If you step on been caught or get the card been caught you have to go to detention.
All types of genders.
you can switch if your teammate gets in detention.
if 2 people land on the same thing they have to play gang gang-amore the winner get to go 3 steps forward and the loser has to go 3 steps back.
if you win you either get someone out our take someone to the finish.

so that are roll if you try to play it going be fun and cool it has lots of ideas in so you will understand it.


Today we were finishing our own games well we were finish we had to learn to play someone else game so i went to Tamaki games it was made by Angel Syriaria-lee and Coralee.Me and Mrs Ashley were playing we had to go school, tamaki college,university and job who every goes to all of those they also at the end of the you have to count your money it you have the most you win.
when me and Mrs Ashley and i was playing we had a tie but in the money i win.
i fought of the game it was cool i little bit  could understand it but it get cooler they had a great game


  • Mean: is we you add the numbers all together also count how much number are there then plus the number and you get the answer.
  • Median: you have to found out the number in the middle to found out you have to but it to smallest to biggest and cross each one and they last number there that the middle number.
  • Mode:the most repeated numbers to found the answer

  • Range you have to put it in order and have to take away the last number and first number and there you found the answer

WALT:get information by understanding a video

Wednesday, 29 March 2017


Today it was a crazy hair,crazy hair day is when you make your hair cazy also you have to wear mufit, At class there was a reliever in our class her name was Mrs Tipene we were playing a game with her it was called silent sorting.

Next we had to get in 2 groups and i was in group 2 in silent sorting ,first order was get in to the youngest to the oldest also oldest had to go at the back of the line and the youngest at the front, i was the 2th youngest in the game and you had to be quietly as a mouse also fast.

After Mrs Tipene telled us that we had to go in the months to the first month to the last month fast and quietly, i was the last month in my group it was december  also we got a point for doing it fast and quietly and we ending up with 5 points already.

Then Mrs Tipene told us we had to tell how much people that lives in your house  to the lowest number go front the highest number at the back we did get it fast and quietly i was last because i had 8 in my house, we got a 5 points for fast and quietly.Now Mrs Tipene told us to do shoes size the smallest shoes goes to front and biggest shoes goes at the back  i was in the front my shoes was a bit little also we only got 2 points because we did it fast but not quietly.

In the game was so nervous i fought that we won't get that much points then in was happy and proud that we got 25 points it was a high number and the other team had 16 points but good for them.



WALT: get information by understanding a video

WALT: get information by understanding a video

Monday, 27 March 2017

WALT:get information by understanding a video

WALT:use screencastify

Miss Ashley showed us how to download and use a chrome extension called screencastify.We will use this to record evidence of our learning.

Tamaki creek

This morning room 7 went to the creek we were going to the creek this afternoon but there must be thumberstrom in the afternoon so we decided to go this morning.

Next we got to the creek then there were cops and drama across Tripoli road. We got in 2 groups called water and rubbish we had make plan for the movie. Then we saw Hope.T mum helping with the drama, the cops across the road were doing breath test so there is no drunk driving also it was just a random check.

Then we were walking back to school and the cops were still looking for drunk drivers, we were walking we saw Syariah-lee atb the diary as soon Mrs Ashley saw her she yelled out SYARIAH-LEE YOU'RE LATE!’’it look like she felt embarrassed when she saw us, After we rush because we had to go Kiwican.

At Kiwican Mrs Lily and Mr M were there,Mrs lily had a game for us it was called Auckland game.In was mix up what we had to do was if Mrs say sky tower,beehive,roller coaster,harbour bridge or apocalypse you have to do the action of it.In the game i like apocalypse because we had to be a zombie and try to get someone, also after that we played chinese whispers what we had to do was is someone had to say something and give it on and on so on the last people they have to say when we get it wrong people laugh a lot.After all these game we were finished we were done And said thank you and we walked back to class.

At kiwi was cool with Mrs Lily and Mr M is fun doing different things went them and lots of games and i was amazing at kiwican also i felt tired after kiwican.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Week 9 recount

This morning skateboarding was canceled  So room 7 and room 8 went to go out to the court for line basketball for class sport at 11.30.

Next we went outside on the court on the yellow line to boy girl miss ashley  and mrs morrison was the couch. Also we were in different sides to start with
So we got ready for the first round so mrs morrison calls the numbers and the kids had to ran and it was me so i ran around the pole to the ball and everybody was screaming and cheering like screaming babies.

After It was up for the 2 round and miss morrison yelled out the number but i was not in the 2 round so i was cheering for my class GO ROOM 7 !!! i was cheering so hard my throat got sore but i was cheering but not loud like a tiger also room 8 got a goal that good for them because they try.

Then now it was the last round mrs morrison called the numbers and it was me so i ran around the pole and i got the ball and i throw it and the we got a goal and room 7 was was happy and proud of himself.

In the game it was fun we felt proud to win also happy the best thing is humble wins gracious losers.

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Thursday, 23 March 2017

tamaki creek


What is it name? Tamaki river

Where does it lead to?to the other side of the sea.

What kind of water is in the creek?has dirty water and yucky water.

Who lives in the water? EELS

How do you know the animals in the water?because when they breath bubble come up and we know they are here.

Which way does it face?east towards to end of the river.

What is it maori name? Taiki

T1W7 Reading task 3

Monday, 20 March 2017


At skateboarding were were waiting for the two men.Then the two men called martin and haydn to teach us skateboarding

so we were getting ready we had to put a keens pads,elbow pads, rest pads and helmet to be safe,

after that we choose i skateboards and got ready on the yellow line first the guy told to put had to put our feet and that called side by side so he know you are listening.

what we started with there were 4 dots on the board you had to cover 2 dots
and we were skating with 1 legs again and again  and we are were getting then we starting with 2 legs we had to go through that so we learn and learn and we got the right steps for it.

At skating it was fun we learn a lot to our brain and was so great and then we went back to class.


Sunday, 19 March 2017

founding out about AMETI