Sunday, 30 October 2016


we were writing about words that are powerful words and it was from a story we had to get the meaning of the words and put it on the presents and they are new words we learnt this week.


we were writing about powerful words of said and write it on a present and we got some said words from a story about ride keep on the fall off

Monday, 24 October 2016

today me and my class was having a terseness hunt we had to get in to group when had to make a plan where you are going to put you terseness and we had to write cm, km ,mm and m and write north,west,south and east and we had to take a video where is north and west and that and put it on the slide.

My spelling list 6

We were practising our spelling words. we did Essential spelling list 6

My writing

we did practice test then our teachers gave us is my writng with teachers feedback.this is evidence of my learning.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

My visit to the Grand Bazzaar

The little garden

Today me and my class and teacher with to the garden we had to look at the teacher he got a little pot out with dry dity it look like  a circle he put it on the ground and put water on it was growing big and big  when it finished  it was soft also he crunched  it up then he put same put a lots the he put the paper with seed on the top and he put on the top and then he put the rest on the dity in the little pot the he put little more of water and then put his name on the sign then he was finished so we were finished so we said goodbye to them and went back to class.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

about my self

 i was special  happy because  someone think that i was creative it shook me and i didn't know i can draw cool i through the i was no good at drawing and i think they are creative in there draw and pretty if it was a girl.


What i did to day i read jellylegs to chapter 1 to chapter 2 i was the discussion Director like the boss that was my job and i had to make question for the group and take turns of the job.Screenshot 2016-10-17 at 11.54.45.png

school vaules

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The time machine

i was taking about a boy that was go back to the past and he didn't know how to use a time machine.

patterns in nature


The sad boy


‘’Ah I think that i should eat my lunch because i didn’t have everything to eat in the morning and also i think that i should hide at the side of the school wall also i think it is pretty and beautiful because it has drawing and nice handwriting.But i think that i should not eat it but am going to have some  food because it makes me fast i ate a bit of lunch.

‘’Wow i ate alots it was amazing and good.Max was getting up then and he saw a hole and look through it then he could see bad naughty boys so
Max went out and then max was thinking that he was going to bully him then they did so they started to push him around and around and he got sick and dizzy and max didn’t know what to do so he just kept getting bully.

Then the boys was thinking so they said they were sorry and help him and take him to the sick bay and they were very sorry they felt sad for he and the became friend they were happy together and the had amazing amazed life of friends