Tuesday, 20 September 2016

The wedding

"wow you done a good job said "lucy and she love when her dress is shiny in the sun also she think that she is going to have a good wedding. Lucy fought that her dress is like a marshmallow and it like it make out of snow.

The wedding started she got wired she said she love him but she said that she does not love she started to cry and ran away into the woods for a long time.Lucy didn't know what to do so she just kept on running.Lucy stop and had a rest then she fought wrong but she saw didn't go back.

Lucy was sleeping she woke up and heard someone and i was her husband she didn't believe it she felt so happy that he came all this way to find me so she fought that she will marry him so they did they felt happy together.

Monday, 19 September 2016

The forest

"wow what a scary dark blue night' said Jack strolling through the blue dark forest.Jack was singing by his mouth and being proud of himself as he could do it.

"what!" said jack, saying "who talked?". He looked around like something scary behind him. Jack heard it again and looked up in the tree. Then he looked in the tree closer, and he could see a mouth so he went closer to the tree and there was a mouth there. The tree started to push in the haze and started to chase him so jack ran, ran and ran and it didn't stop chasing him. The tree almost ate him he got scared and worried so he kept running for a long time.

"hey" said jack "stop right there you are not going to eat me OK! so stop chasing me and get away" but he didn't listen. There came cops with lights. They knew that jack will be there so the tree ran away because he was very frighted of lights  so he ran and ran and Jack went off. They all laughed and they all was happy so they went home all laughing being happy.

The hearing clinic

we were learning about  a boy called leevarde he had hearing aids we were talking about what hearing aids need and what they do it was so cool someone in my class show us where the battery goes.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

speed skills

Foggy morning

‘’Wow what a foggy cold morning said the ‘’man strolling through the forest wearing scarf,soft hat,warm jacket and closely boats also his friend was wearing the same thing.They were strolling through the giant huge trees like they were in a movie and they went so far far away.

Then when they were strolling they got lost and there eyes didn’t know what to do so they called for help HELP!!!.When they were yelling for help a muscle man was walking by he saw them and then he said i will HELP YOU loud so he did.

the man  not got his muscle arms  and  raised it in the air then he shook the muscle on the bear trap so he pull the bear trap apart finally he got them out then catch them they didn’t believe they were alive they were happy and the man warming them to not go out in a foggy day then they all laughed together and happy together.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Li min

today we were learning about li min she does cool and she seem amazing.

Three kids

'' wow '' what a glorious beautiful  nice morning the sun shiny through the trees and the birds twittering through the forest.The three kids they ran of to school like they are having a race and they said bye to there dad then they walk off.

When they did they had a race to school and when they are half way there was a huge big white bridge they said it smell like paint also they feel cracking on their feet then they look i was cracking then they ran and ran so they got worry that they were going to fall off also they yell for help and help and they were very very very worry.

When they were stuck there were a helicopter they saw them and came down to safe them and land them on a safe place  at the school also they were amazed to be alive and at school and they call there dad and he was worry so he came to the school and he was happy that they were alive so we were all happy together.

winter sunset

One twilight dusk day there was a man was rolling through the sunset wearing warm gloves,warm jacket,soft scarf  and warm pants.there was birds twittering and the man follow them.the man felt beautiful and shiny from the glorious glistened sunset and he loved it so much.

when\ he was rolling through the sunset  he noticed that the sunset was going down to the horizon so it went pitch black so he did not know where he was going then he felt a end of something he went close and he fell in the lake and he didn't know how to swim so he yelled for help and no one came.

So he called for help more so he did and a framer heard the man so he follow it and he saw the man and ran like a cheetah and jump in like cat ran away and he safe the man because he know how to swim and got him out and the man was amazed that he was alive so the man thank him for saving him and they were happy together.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Tonga Week

On tonga week we fun we were watching tonga dancing and the band group it was a amazing we seen lots of dancing and we seen beautiful girls wearing amazing tonga dress and lavalava it is pretty and nice. 
they dance fashion tongan way it was amazing. 

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The human body

we were learning about body part like biran that send message to your body and it grow when you learn lots.

swimming day three

with my group we were working with james again we were learning stroke it when you turn your heard on your arms and put your ears on your arms and your other hand had to stay still and we had to use the flutter.
the last thing we did we had a races one in the front and one in the back the front people had to run and i can first and wiki was at the back of me.Next we had a houes race we had to be by our self we had to swim and i can first again.

My cat soft ginger

One day me and my beautiful cat called soft ginger he love the sunny shiny day and love to play with balls he  was nice and lonely cat that look after himself like me.

One day i woke up and went to soft ginger room and he was not there i got frightened and afraid something happen to him so i went out and it was cold and windy so i look around and glanced at the back of me and soft ginger was not there  so i went inside and through and through and i go a amazing idea that i will put photo of soft ginger a big poster so i did and think it must work.

The next day i was crying hard in soft ginger room from long then i went but in the bush beside the post i could smell flower i thourgh that soft ginger smell like that so i went to the greenish bush and put my hand in it and it was soft and it was soft ginger i grab him hard and hug him and i said that i miss you i will never leave you and he felt so so so happy to be back and me.

swimming day two

with my group and we was learning from james our swimming teacher and we had to have a board to learn stare and we had to use it because we needed to learn to put our arm high in the the air and put our legs like a stick. we were float on our backs and our stomach and we learn how to do the dolphin wale all the way to the end of the pool.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Nice Morning Day

A nice morning day it was she a sunny sun and it  is winding like brezz.

The sun is hot and it burn your eyes like fire and it it is bright and light yellow.The water is dark blue like the sky when it is nighttime and the water reflection and it is like you are looking in a mirror.The birds were chirping like people  were singing in your ears. The breeze is very cold and winding and it goes very slow like a snail's. The trees,leaves and grass they turn green when the sun comes out and the grass,trees and leaves is  fresh like fish and water.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

swimming day one

i was with my group we were  doing  streamline and we put our head on the top of my arm and push my legs very hard on the wall to go fast.
The next step we done the streamline but we kick with my legs very hard we had to put our legs long and we had to swim all the way to the end.