Tuesday, 30 May 2017

sushi story

Today we were making sushi Miss Ashley buyed the things and made the rice from us to make sushi and it was yum as i tasted mind and it wasn so fun i hope we can do it again


New zealand sign language

Today a lady came to our class her name was called Rachel to teach us sign language she was learning sorts of things by doing sign language she was deaf also she could do sign language that why she was send to teach us so she started with my name is and she did it in sign language so after that we had to do it to each other.After that we did colour in sign language we had to follow her as she do the acting she told by doing sign language but with  lots of sign language and it was very fun.

Monday, 22 May 2017

WALT:say the weeks in saoman

WAL how much sugar is in different drinks

Room 7 was doing inquiry so this is what we did in inquiry so Miss brought different kind of drinks such as:  Cola and it has 27g of sugar,E2 which has 75g of sugar,fresh up also has the most of amount of sugar and that is 98.0g of sugar,Feijoa frenzy which has 96g of sugar,water which hasn 0g that means it has no sugar,v has 27.5g and the last one is Fuze tea that has 22g of sugar. Here is some photos about what we did.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Solo taxonomoy

This morning Room 7 and room 6 we were learning about solo taxonomy;The structure of observed learning solo taxonomy.While we were doing solo taxonomy we split into groups and we had a  piece of paper  writing on it (which was: I had several ideas about something such as food or Anzac day)So Mrs Ashley gave us a paper we had to find out where we are going to put it on the solo taxonomy paper in a group which was:lydia,Merielle,Hiria,And also we had to get each a paper and right down something about food and we had to put it in order and we had to talk about how healthy it is and not. 

WALT read nutritional information

average nutrition information

servings per pack:90
serving size:5g
Energy  70 kj  1400 kj
Protein  o.og  o.2g
Fat-Total  0.0g  0.0g

WALT read nutrition information

Nutrition information 
Servings per package:3
Serving size:28g approx
Avg. Qty. %DI**(per Avg.Qty.perServing serving) per 100g
Energy  482kJ   6%  1720kJ
Protein  2.5g  5%  9.0g
fat,total  5.0g

Monday, 15 May 2017

Food Pyramid

 What is a food Pyramid;
A food pyramid is like a pyramid but in each level(which is 1 2 and 3)there's different things such as healthy food like  apples , grapes and kiwi fruits also unhealthy food  like KFC and Mcdonalds or Burger King .In room 7 we got separated in 3 groups to make a poster for our food pyramid.This is what we made we cutted out pictures out of the newspaper we had to have 3 people to cut and 3 people to glue and stick the pictures on the food pyramid.

Here are some of the things that we added in our pyramid such as: Milo,Juice,Salmon,WIne and butter

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

ANZAC ceremony

Today we were doing ANZAC ceremony we had to make things to respect the people they fought for us
also we had wear poppies we had not talk to be respectable.