Monday, 10 December 2018

zoo should exist

I agree that zoo should exist because it is good for the animals, my other reason why is cause animals in wildlife can get hurt a lot from there eminem's, they can get feed healthy and strong in zoos.In my opinion living in a zoo for the animals could live as long and long strong life while longer than they could ever live in the wildlife where they can get hurt the most.

Some zoos have a lot of animals to start with,so they get help and love everyday from the caretaker from the zoo. Zoos have good plans for taking care of all the animals that have been care for and look after.But, most people would agree that zoo should not exist because for animals they can feel threatened from the people(caretaker)because they don’t know who they are looking at and feeling nervous but the people took the animals away from there enemies now the animals fear has switch to human of not knowing them also not knowing what they could do(which is take care of them).

It is important to know how they find out how the caretaker treats the animals because they could be abused from them and really hurt from some and no one knowing what the could be doing. I am shocked that doesn't everybody know that (to some people)if you see any animals of movie they are actually getting focused to the act they are put in to do so they are feeling hopeless and really hurt. On other hand they can feel hurt and sad the animals in thailand with no help,food and water they get treated like rubbish which are sad the thing they do to those hopeless and poor animals:they get hit from sticks;they have to do thing they don’t want to do and they have get no water and food making them not live for long.

Although both sides have valid arguments like how the pro is how they get take care for and feed but on the other hand which is the con they get hurt from the caretaker(some of them) they are sad like people go and see all the animals in the auckland zoo those people be cheeky cruel to the animals which is really sad so they get really annoying with them. The caretakers have to be really humane to the animals which they can’t just let them stay in a cage and do nothing they need space also don’t let them stay in one spot all day long let them have some space and fresh air to breath. So clearly different points of the argument.

i'm absolutely certain that animals need their space. My first reason why is animals need to know they can walk around instead of feeling stress and get overboard and be get sacred and get a bit to hot/steaming. The animals that breathe underwater when the suddenly get bigger they might not get a lot of space like they had when they were in waterlife in the sea then they have in one little glass box that you have to share so it is stressful for them.

bliike transport

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

sentence starters for persuasive writing

Every Kid should learn how to swim?

I believe that every kid should learn how to swim(agreeing).

My first reason is as they grow up having kids and one day they will be having a joyful swim around but suddenly their kid got too far to the sea and started to drown and what do you do? (thinking)what?.

Not knowing what to do because you can’t swim the reason why you never had learned a lesson how to swim, what would happen to you child?!.

To start with, most people will agree that kids should learn to swim while there young.

In my opinion kids should have the chance to swim and they should learn how to swim in a deep pool.

If the kid learn how to swim in a baby pool they will pretend to swim but the thing is that they were actually touching the ground.

I’m absolutely certain that every child in NZ should learn to swim. It is important to acknowledge that paying for swimming lessons can be very expensive, especially if there are more than 1 kid in each family. In light of this, the NZ school system requires students to learn to swim and this is usually free.

It would be worthwhile if every kid should join a swimming lesson so they can learn how to swim


Kids should get free time at school everyday?

I disagree that kids should get freetime every day. My first reason is  if they have free time everyday because the kids get bored and have nothing else to do they just have anything in their little brains with something smart just video games and to much eye looking at the netbook playing just games.

In my opinion they should be only playing games and having free time because when they get to collage they will do anything is act dumb because of nothing that they had learn all they had learn is how to play a game that through these year no learner that means they have to start the whole year again of not knowing what to or just staying in one class for a bit.

But on the other hand people or kids will agree just because they are sick of learning they all just want to is play games and parents well some won’t even care just mind what they are doing.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

how the telescope photography lets us see in the past?

hello this is my reading task and this tells you about the only telescope in space called the hubble telescope they used the telescope to find things that people maybe haven't discovered but they know about it but haven't seen but i hope you like my work and learn more about telescopes.