Wednesday, 17 October 2018

how the telescope photography lets us see in the past?

hello this is my reading task and this tells you about the only telescope in space called the hubble telescope they used the telescope to find things that people maybe haven't discovered but they know about it but haven't seen but i hope you like my work and learn more about telescopes.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

galileo telescope

hello this is my reading task this is about the galileo telescope which was made by galileo and this tells you that how this telescope has and work i hope you like my projet with lily

partner yoga 2

It was a lovely cold evening morning wait “NO”. “I am going to be late for school god!”. I was rushing as I saw the time but as soon as I ran past my mum she asked really nicely
“ Can you get some bakery for me and your brother” she said but I said
“sorry mum I kind of late for school”
“ so please just go to the shop also you can get you something ok’’ she replied
“ ok then mum” I replied I had to give my mum also my brother 1 kebab; 1 bacon and egg pie and 3 sausage one for me god (heaps right) so I rushed to the shop hoping I can make to my school Tamaki Primary.

“YES!”. I had did my job and gave my little brother and my mum everything but the only problem was that I was late for school first time. I least I didn’t miss out on the learning so rush myself to school all the way up to class. When I walk in I could see my friends: Maria; Vaiola; and Ana, Miss Ashley asks all of us to do one job so the boys do the tables and push them to the back, the girls had to push the tables to the side also some of the girls ( Waiari,Vina and Stanley) clear the tables. Miss Ashley said that we are doing number 2 partner yoga but it was not just in partner she said “ it is not just in partners it can be groups and partners” she example to us. Room 7 all got really for the first photo was the friend circle. W1e are going to be doing and as I looked at it I was really shocked, we had to : get into a circle; after that we had to put our  feet together and making our hands touch but your hands had to be in a x shape. The only problem me and my friends had(Maria,Ana and Vaiola) was our legs also reaching each others hands, we couldn’t do our legs couldn’t get really straight enough for it to touch, our hands were not long enough to touch each others hands we had to pull our hands as long as we could but we tried our best on the first one i thought we did amazing and really flexible.

“GOD!” the second one was worst it was then the first one. My brain was jumping around my small head as I didn’t know what to think. Me and ana tried but she may be tried but I didn’t i was just thought “ should i do this all maybe not get hurt and break my neck”. So I quit so quickly only because Miss Ashley skip it so I couldn’t try but maybe next time. But Ana was looking at me like “ is she going to do this all not” hahaha but I didn’t know what to do at that moment by that time.
The third photo the person x one person had to bend over but they had to be probably flexible to bend over that far (anyway)with one hand holding the ground and one of your hands reaching for the air to make the x but we had other problem(omg right) was Ana couldn’t bend down well she didn’t try but she was so close to doing it but you know she tried her best we both tried our best I thought maybe we did amazing on it I was amazed on both of us and it was a bit funny at the time. Ana was just “ I do not want to do this” but I knew that she wanted to do it for sure.

My favourite part was the friend circle it remember me by my own friendship with my friends and it pretty cool knowing i have a friend and we have our own friendship circle. My worst part was the handstand one I hurt my ankle it was hurting bad but my friend took care on me so that ok. I had amazing time it was incredible and fun I hope we could have one more all together.

Monday, 15 October 2018

46 meter telescope

Back in the days people use to use telescopes right but they weren’t like the ones right now as we stand they use 46 meters telescopes (But why? I can tell you that) they use it in three ways: to stalk people (which is really weird) through it; they use it for toys (which is really cool for kids but the size) then and they also use it to look at their enemies as the war has been started, so that is the three things they are used for. If you didn’t know people made that 46 meter telescope right but they had different photo type of telescope which means when telescopes doesn’t stand out to work or do anything clever they will make a different phototype as soon as they found the right one for the job and that was the 46 meters telescope.

the design process

hello this is about different steps of your design that you make but most of the step has  not been used or showed mostly how they were looking for water and the robot having no power to dig for rocks or water that why they been making different prototype stopping at a clever robot to drill,dig and scoop for water the next one they are going to make is 8m tall.

these re the answer of how they made the robot and how they work on it with the robots.

Sunday, 14 October 2018

concaves and convexs

hello this is my reading task it is talking about concaves and convex if you didn't know they means things that are cured and making light change direction and right my topic question was why do they make light change direction which i told you i hope you liked my hard work that you.

Monday, 24 September 2018

behaviour while in the office

this is about how you should act in the office and not being rude and noisy things like that if you want to know how to act in the office look through this slideshow which had everything and the answer how to act in the office