Tuesday, 12 December 2017

2017 in room 7

i talk about all the fun and amazing things i had fun this year.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Wednesday, 29 November 2017


i was writing who was my favourite character who was august because i want to know that his face is not bad.

baking with room 8

today room 7 and room 8 were heading off to the hall together for a special active that will blow our mind was baking and cooking,it was very exciting  i like baking a lot.First Miss Ashley said to us if korowai at that would have to put the blue sheets on the floor to cover half of the space we were going to use so the crumbs and mess can land on the blue sheet.So as soon we got it on place we had to get into our group which i was with alyssa,stephany,hope L and korowai so we gather together to get ready for the first step which was get a table and some chairs so they all but the tables on the blue sheet.

My group went to get a bowl for the first thing then Miss Ashley explained what was going to happen which was close your eyes and pick on paper that has rolls how to make something so i went up and i choose chocolate chip cookies so we read it to understand how to make chocolate chip cookies.Then we headed over to Miss Ashley and put everything in first that says on step 1 which was a half of butter and and a half of sugar mix together so it can be creamy, as soon it creamy and smooth the the other step was brown sugar 1 egg mixs together into it all soft and then we can but the chocolate drops on but we were said to break them in half because it was to big so my group and  i broke all of them in bites half so we can move on.

the next step was get a tray and put some butter on the tray and put a bit of butter on and then we put them into balls and flatten them on the tray 1 person each so we carry on flatten them.So it was for them to be bake so we waited for a few minutes and play a board game with someone into the cookies are bake.Are few minutes later it was bake and ready smelling nice so we all sat on our table and got a paper towel each to put our food on,so we started grab 1 cookie each and we got to eat som eone else food which they made so we can taste how wonderful they are it was very fun and yummy which all of them were it was very amazing the food.

my favourite part was getting to bake cookies for my first and also tasting everybody else yummy food it was very fun to bake and cook with room 8 it was super as fun.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

WALT:all about coordinates

kia ora today i was learning all about coordinate and how to o coordinates and he is a video of how i understand to do coordinate.

Monday, 20 November 2017

How playing bullrush affects my hauora

today i was typing all about my how playing bullrush affects my hauora and he are some facts of bullrush make me feel and why it good for my body.

compass video link

HERE A LINK:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bJI2-kdYyvW-Crr6BoN0s54X4ZL7v6Vq/view

hi today me and merielle were doing a video about when we made a map what we did was use north,south,west and east and we had to hide a token somewhere and your buddy has to find it when they find it your other buddy urn to find the token.

How playing running affects my hauora

i type down my sport that affect my hauora and it was running and he are some fact why running is a good thing to me and a bad thing for me

ideas for-games and sports

i type down some ideas for some games and sports for my hauora.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

WALT:summarise a text

today i was on my presentation i was thinking of what to write and i had a idea it was the rugby game who fiji won it was a good win out of 28-22 it was amazing well i didn't watch it.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

WALT: make didgeridoo

this is a video of me telling how i made a didgeridoo if you want to learn how to make it just look at my video and it will tell a bit to make it

WALT Using different types of sentences for effect Read

WALT Using different types of sentences for effect


A tsunami is a large wave on the ocean, usually caused by an undersea earthquake, a volcanic eruption or coastal landslide. A tsunami can travel hundreds of  miles over the open sea and cause extensive damage when it encounters land.

Think about the different sentence lengths:
The water is only metres away now. I stand frozen on the beach, praying that the ocean will merely tickle my toes with its cooling surf. But it does not. A huge, roaring sea tiger devours me in one ravenous bite, lifts me off my feet and tosses me like a rag doll towards the hotel. I can’t see. I can’t breathe. This is it. I am going to die…
See how the last few sentences are all short, but one after the other. It creates tension and puts the pictures in your mind that the character really is gasping for breathe.
‘But it does not’ - this sentence is blunt, opposing the sentence before it.

Add in punctuation (make sure you use different sentence lengths):
Round and round and round. I like an old pair of socks in a giant washing machine. I am thrown against chairs and tables and plant pots and parasols.Thwack! A heavy cocktail glass falls from the bar and strikes on my head. Blood fills my eye. I cannot see. Frantically  I thrash my arms and legs, trying to reach the palm tree. I can't just make out of my left my fingertips. Brush against the tree trunk and I struggle to grab hold of it. I am caught up in the spin cycle again round and round and round. I go scraping against walls and steps and sun beds and broken bottles. I cannot possibly survive this.

Boom!.I walked out of the room door as my heart was pounding.I look around the house putting my feet against the floor as my feet was moving left.Right.Left.Right.I stomp down the stairs roaming around the kitchen.I power walked in fear.As soon i trip i bumped my eye on the floor, heard some foot steps heading over to me no i can't see.Am scared.HELP! HELP!.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

My artwork

i was doing some artwork with dots i made a hand because i really know i will do a good work with a easy just drawing a hand but it was hard to do dots sometimes it goes in a line instead of a dot but it was very good everybody one was very created and colourful it was wonderful.

WAL:about Aboriginal art

today room 7 was talking all about aboriginal art we all did a presentation with words and miss ashley gave us some answer to the the questiion we had to e the answer on our netbook so we can move onto artwork


room 7 was doing a presentation Aboriginal nations we type up alot of ideas about everything about aboriginal and Nations so we can move onto another presentation then our artwork.


i was typing all the things i learn about the native americans and i most like about the native americans.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Sunday, 12 November 2017

WALT:find facts about inuit people

we were learning all about how they killed whales and how they lived.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

predict what will happen

this is one of the wonder actives

What is a precept?

this is one of the wonder actives

Oliva vocaburlay

this is one of the wonder actives

following the crowd

this is  one of the wonder actives

Who is via?

this is one of the wonder actives

Who is justin?

this is one of the wonder actives

Who is jack will?

today we were doing a wonder actives so Miss Ashley knows we know about the book and people in the book also who is august.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Word study-Port

room7 was getting root words from Miss Ashley and we had to write words that end or start with the root word you have also you nice to search up the meanings of the words with the root words,my root word was port and type 10 words ending with port and i type up and search up all the meanings.

Word study-fore

today after kiwn can that we didn't do we started off with root words which is Miss Ashley give us a word and we have to type up words starting or ending with the root words and if it is a staring it is a prefix and it is a ending word it is suffix.The root word i had wa fore and i wrote lots of words from google and type all the meanings for the words.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

7 wonder presenting

Hiria Presenting her project to Miss Kelly.
everybody presenting to everybody in room8,6,2.
Hevani,Auckland and Suave with their wonder.
Hiria with her project chichen itza.
kordell and Lopseni presenting to Miss Kelly.


Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Yoga challenge 2.0

         Yoga Challenge 2.0
Today on friday the 26 of october in the just in the morning we had a new teacher her name was Mrs Fepuleai she was just helping out for Miss Ashley.First straight after the roll we got into yoga challenge 2.0.So the first we were ask was get into buddy,so we got straight into our old buddy which my old buddy was Merielle.
our  first pose  was a little bit tricky but me and hiria actually did it but it was very possible to do and it was a little bit funny.After we figured out on how to to the pose Miss Fepuleai said to us “you have to hold that pose for ten seconds” and we did held our pose for a little bit longer then we stopped and then we finished this pose but we had to “inhale,exhale”after every pose.

WHen we finished our first pose we moved on to the next pose was
Very tricky and hard because we had to bend but me and hiria tried our best and we actually made it and it was very funny because we kept on falling down so then we decided that we should try again and TADA!! we did it and it was amazing since it was very hard and we did “inhale,exhale.

After all those pose we started off something much harder the part was 1 person had so a handstand on two people’s knees hard about the was is trying to do a handstand for long into we get a photo. But we were going to try but my buddy were kika and lydia for short and Merielle was with Grace and Edith.So kika and lydia lift me up  and we just had a lucky day we complete it probably they were flexible because i am a bit light and short so it will be better for people to left  me am a bit small and there were being e meticulously(Carefully). .After everybody was drowned out some people were being very boisterous so Miss Sharam comes over to room7 and asks that if we can be a little quiet because she was being a little boisterous so we got quiet and did some exhale inhale 3 times.

Next we got started on a something very much harder it was very difficult because it involved having some strongness.Me,Grace,Edith,Coralee,Lydia and Merielle try to make that pose it was just like someone on the floor another person on top them and the person on the floor have to lift them which was Grace lifting and everybody on top on each other then we fail so we carry on again and a again and we did make but we were kind of flexible when we got into it but not that much but we try anyway we got to calm down we us inhale exhale.

About the yoga lesson was being flexible and strong but having faith that we can do it we be no worry because we strong and my favourite pose was the last one and it was really funny because6 all the girls did it altogether.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Partner yoga

Tuesday 24 October 2017,afternoon In room7 after a cool lunch Miss Ashley shouted out to us and we asked if we can go PE and Miss Ashley said “No!” SO then we began to think what it was but Miss Ashley haven’t told us yet after we pack up the class.
All of us sat on the mat,and waited.


until Miss Ashley showed us a presentation and it said partner yoga with lots of photos,so the first slide with the first yoga challenge was this picture.It was very easy and the challenge was about to start and after we did that pose Miss AShley told us to yso we don’t get stinky and sweaty.The next pose was a heart
and we had to balance so we won’t fall down
And it was a little bit tricky since me and my buddy were a bit small but we were flexible so it was kida easy because we were the same height so it was easy to do the poses and we were meticulously.IMG_0224.jpg

After we finished every body was very boisterous(loud)it was so hilarious because everybody was being weird and it was very hard for us to make that pose but we got the head of it so we headed on to another yoga pose.The yoga pose was a bit uncomfortable because the partner with their back ‘s down  was feeling a bit sore as the lend down But the other partner was all right it look like that we all are having a rest on someone back and the yoga pose was looking like this:Screenshot 2017-10-25 at 09.59.39.png
After me and merielle went into thes pose  it was a bit uncomfortable for her because her back was a bit hurting as she was lending down she was saw flexible and strong to hold.After we all finish the exhausted and fun pose Miss Ashley says “inhale,exhale”for as to calm down and have strength.After a painful yoga pose we had to do another pose everybody didn't care so they sticked with it.So Misz Ashley show us the photo and my reaction was” wow it seem a bit easy to do”. Me and Merielle went into the pose she went down and she  place her  and hands around my foot and bend down and reach for her back and we complete the pose but we had to wait into someone takes photo if you wanted to but it was hard to stay in the pose you will just want to fall down and have a rest for sec and the pose look like this: but it was hard to stay in the pose you will just want to fall down and have a rest for sec also  the pose we did look like this:Screenshot 2017-10-25 at 10.19.21.png
After we to a rest we had to inhale exhale 3 time to get a more on to another pose.Then after all of the breathing in and out we had to do 6th yoga challenge it was a bit off ranking what me and Merielle had to do was this merielle had to to something like a plank and i have to do another plank on top it was a bit hard because it will be a bit hard cause Merielle had to stay in a plank and i had to stay on top of her without falling down.The pose look right like this:  Screenshot 2017-10-25 at 10.31.04.png

After all that fun we were finished partner yoga and headed out ford pe.The best part was doing yoga for the first time it was a bit fun because me and Merielle was flexible and meticulously.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

reading questions

today we had to get into bubby and we got share a presentation and a story we had to copy the information from the story because we have to find the answer for the question and put it in the question so we all did that and also my buddy was lydia we work hard on it,it was a bit hard but we had the story for the answer also we didn't need to search to answer up in google.

Monday, 16 October 2017

red nose day

Today it was red nose day all of us had to wear red and the fun part what we were going to do we were going to play red nose day games outside on the field.Room 7 didn’t know what to happen in the games and what games are we playing anyway we all headed to the field and room8 was joining us too. There were three coaches here today to teach us some games,they all welcomed their names to us and talk about what we were going to play then got started into it and we had coach Alen for today and he said that when he blows the whistle we have to freeze and stand still for our safety.

The first game we play was catching the flag it seem weird but it was like this so we get into 2 groups they were called blue and green the teams.There was 4 hoops so the groups had to split up in half but they were saw working together.

Everybody had to try and take a cone from another team but there was defenders that can hit people on the back to make them go back to their hoops and start again.After all the teams having so pressure running and running  around and our eyes were vividly as we were running but  all of our heart was pounding like a blazing trampoline .As  we were having a lot of pressure coach Alen blow his whistle and everybody catch a breath and the fun part for me was that my team blue won but green was so good so coach alen tells us to” head off to the other game” he tiny shouted.  

The next game that we played for Red nose day was noodle hockey, coach Allen was just explaining to us kids(Room 7) how the game goes so their are different coloured dots and we have to stand on one of them and here were six coloured dots to stand on purple, orange, green, blue, yellow and lastly red, there are two goals were we need to run to and grab our noodles, we use the noodles to hit the ball which was in the middle, and lastly the coach (Coach Allen) has to call out any colour, if that person who is standing on the coloured dot has to run to the other team's goal and grab the noodle, after coach Allen explained who the game works we played I quickly sprinted to the the coloured dot blue, “Yellow and blue!”Yelled Coach Allen, I quickly sprinted to the goal and grabbed a noodle I ran up to the pink ball and whacked it as hard as I could, the game almost took forever.

I was so tired so I stopped and trudged back to catch my breath, I felt my heart pounding and I was pressured. On the last round when everyone got called, so we all ran to the goal to grab a noodle and chased after one ball, I chased after the pink ball and whacked it as hard as I could, I started sweating because of the blazing hot sun and after chasing the pink ball I chased after the big sun ball which was hard to whack because since it was light the heavy wind blew it outside of the square, “Ok everyone come in,” said coach Allen, so we come in and that was the end of that game, after having lots of fun playing noodle hockey we went on to the next game Rugby tag.

After we played the noodle hockey we played our last game which was rugby tag.
Rugby tag works like this:there are to teams and one teams gets the bands and the other team doesn't get bands so we can tell which team was  which,after one of the team has the ball and that has to pass the ball to get the other team out but you can only get the team out when the ball touches the one person on the team,and the last rule was you cannot move with the ball and when you get out you have to take out your band/put on a band if you get out..

Finally we started the game and the team with the ball started passing the ball player to player and it was very tricky to catch them because i couldn’t catch my breath while i was blazing out of the balls sight and it was really tiring but it was really fun even though my team didn’t get a turn on passing the ball around it was still worth it.After a couple of minutes we finally finished the game and Coach Allen told us to each get a red nose from the box and we said thank you then we headed of into a line and back to class Red Nose day is the best.

Merielle-The most amazing part of red nose day was when we played the games and what it meant + we get to fundraise for the people who have diseases and who have illness.
And for the people who are sick i hope they get better and i hope they get stronger god will guide you i hope they are safe and we will raise money.

Hiria-the best amazing part about red nose was the games it was cool and super fun it was so good to have a bit of excitement in fun it was great also my favourite game was catch the flag i very enjoy that time on red nose day it maybe the greatest day ever in my life that was big day for me i am blazing sweating.

Image result for red nose day photos

Hevani- Red nose day was the best I really enjoyed it, it was amazing I enjoyed it so much that I wish we did this everyday I really enjoyed played around and I got to meet Coach Allen it was fun but my favourite game was noodle hockey, I really enjoyed red nose day.

word study-mri

today we were doing root words and we got one each i had been given one root word and it was min i had to type up all the words started with Min and type all type the meaning off google.

Word study-sub

today i was using google to find words starting with sub also that means it is a prefix and heaps of words starting with sub like subway and a another subway one means a place you can eat and another way to say is it can be a train station underground.

blindfold challenge

Today right after the roll we got into a game it was called the blindfold challenge, so Miss Ashley goes on and example what we were going to do in this game.

The first thing we did was get into buddy’s in two because that was the first thing Miss Ashley told us to do also my buddy was merielle.After we got into our buddy and line up and but the blindfold over our buddy to get started but the first when i was  wearing the blindfold i was thinking that merielle was the person to be trust to lead to the end by the blue back wall to guard me around.

So Miss Ashley said one person name as she calls them they head off playing me and merielle was waiting we were very excited but inside i was scared  because i didn’t know i was going but with merielle knowing where to go she will guard me away safely without getting hurt.Miss Ashley called our name and we rushed to start the game she was guarding me where to go but it was so frustrated because it didn’t hear merielle and i will always say “what Merielle”also another thing i said it was a question Merielle when are we going to the end?but i was confident that i will make it through but starting to get a tiny bit of petrified.

As she guard me to the blue wall i open my eyes it was so fizzy inside me and i was a bit dizzy for listening to merielle and turning it was a mess but we made it through i felt so much alive but it was super cool like a famous person feeling cool but it was super fun.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

sewing presentation

sewing was so cool and learning about it  and sharing our experiment with each other and parents.

ako learning

today it was ako learning it was time for room7 to show their learning from term 3
room 7 was making broad with our hobbies
room7 playing with their hobbies
everybody helping out with painting
doing karaoke
stanley drawing a picture of joshua
thank you everyone for helping us and listening to room7 explaining their hobbies