Sunday, 25 March 2018

WALT:understand what Maori land war are

this is my information about the maoris land and the soldiers fighting about the land to sale it to white settlers so they can live on the land also it says meaning of what happen in this story.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

day at room 2

Today I am here with room 2 for today because I can’t walk and my class and them went on a walk to somewhere for school trip so had to stay I really wanted to go but I hadn’t to go downstair for the half the day my class will be back before morning tea.

The first thing I did went room 2 was go to music when me and my class going after but that’s ok I can go to times. We just learned about music that it is sound and sound is beat and that I did have a lot of fun we played a game called the danger pattern when the music teacher Mr Celeb he but a beat on the board whatever on the board you don’t play it which was the danger pattern it was so cool.

We were done for music and next they had to to kiwisport I didn’t join because I can’t walk so I just watched room 2 and how they go. They first did a warm up with a game that there has to be two tagers and the rest have fun away from those tagers to not get out if you do get tag you have to stay with one leg and arm and to get out someone has to kick your hand and you are free to run. Then they did some kicking on the pads which they had to get in four groups and line in you groups and start to kick hard and strong to be good at it also a master at it, they all were really good they were amazing.

They were finished and headed off to class for some work they started on writing there words they know and spell and write other words on a whiteboard to be good at writing words nicely and I just went on the computer.

The amazing but was having fun it kind of cool i loved it i had fun it was cool i hope i can come back.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

summary of bridges (WALT write a summary of new information)

My prior knowledge
It goes from panmure to pakuranga
It’s next to panmure bridge that is next to kaiaiku

Before the bridge!
Before panmure bridge existed, there was a Ferry service that was established. A man called hemi pepene ran a ferry service from 1846 to 1850. He was an adopted son of missionary called william furnburn. He built his own ferry boat.

First bridge!
They did a daily survey on the panmure punt from 20 january to 2 february 1862.

In the 1850’s the tamaki river was considered to be one of the busiest waterways in New Zealand. In 1849 the union bridge was proposed to link the two suburbs of howich and panmure. It was suggested that they should build a suspension bridge but it would cost $1000. They had a competition to see who had different ideas about the bridge, the person who won could win $50. They had a toll that the people had to pay be 5 cent 10 cent when they wanted to cross over and if you have animals with you,you have to pay for them too. Construction of the bridge began in October 1864. The bridge was made from Totara trees. They had the longest poles and piles that had ever been used in the province.

Second bridge
The new bridge will be 158.5km in length and 9.12m wide.Motor vehicles were displacing horses and a wider bridge was desirable.Finally he cut the ribbon and drove a heavy traction engine across the new bridge to prove the ability of the structure to take heavy loads.
Third bridge
14th August 1916 the new concrete bridge was formally opened by the Prime Minister the Right Hon However by 1930 serious faults in the new bridge were reported when a large crack across the full width of the bridge at the southern end was discovered.This bridge was demolished in 1959 after the present bridge was opened.The concrete Panmure Bridge 1927 - and the remnant of the old first bridge
A new bridge was built in 1959. This latter bridge is a three-lane reinforced high-level bridge, with the centre lane used for westwards traffic flow in the morning and eastwards in the afternoon.

fancy ladies recount

One sunny day on the 14th of december 1852 me and the beautiful ladies. First ladies was Mary she had brown hair and brown eyes that was nice and pretty,the next lady was Beth she had black hair with brown hair, then there is Maryjane who had brown hair and brown eyes, then there’s Jane that had soft smooth brown hair with brown eyes, and me luci I had blonde hair with green eyes who ways the most nicest person i will say. Me and the bestest were living in a small pink and white house in panmure, We were heading out to go buy some dresses for the ball.

First we ate our breakfast with had egg, bacon and toast “yummy”said Mary Jane. We all walked toward the first panmure bridge called the swing bridge we walked with our 1 cents in our hands giving it to the toll keeper called williams johnson his was really kind he was a really good toll keeper, Williams johnson he open the bridge for us went waited a bit but it was ok then finally it open to we past going toward parakanga dress shop i was so excited.

Me and the ladies we made it to the dress shop bursting to have fun with the dresses. Mary and us got our dresses in set to be wear for the ball there were all pink with white roses on top that was a top fancy design idea it looks pretty on us even when Mary wears it she look top stuff. We got to the ball to have some fun we enter the big huge ball with shiny lights around. We all dance together as we swig around around from left. Right. Left. right.we had fun we had some cocktails with grapes on top which was yummy I love it but the ball was closing so We headed back home.

We got to the panmure bridge and pay for each of us to get across a slide across gently going home for the night to have some amazing dinner. We all step into our house and Mary started to cook some fried rice with eggs on top it was fantastical.

The ball was amazing I had a lot of fun and the girls we had fun with each other together dancing as we eat and drink wine what a beautiful day to go for and fun adventures.

Monday, 12 March 2018

bridge drawing

this my  drawing  of a caple bridge i use die for the water and the sunset to make it interesting and pretty with mix up colours with red and and my friend were looking at the choices of what bridge we can do and we choose the caple bridge and we draw it's different part one at a time it was cool and i got to be done it was time to use
the pen to trace it over to make more fun it was so cool.

WAL:all about different kinds of bridges

today we are learning about different kinds of bridges by using dry pasta to help me and my group to make our project of the swig bridge it going to be fun!

it was so fun but it was a bit hard but it was a lot of fun to making things with pasta.