Monday, 26 June 2017


Yesterday room7 went kiwisport and we were walking down to the courts and we saw them and we went go play some game but first we always do after playing games we go and warn up to or fit into we get started.So we were listened to what they had to say and what game we were and then we go ready.

Amazingly we got started we my favorite game it was called golden child so how you play you have to get into 2 group and 1 of those groups have to be shooter or runner so what the runner has to do they have  to run all the way around the court also the shooter as to shoot so they don't make it and they have stop where you were.As Well it was almost to the golden child so what the golden child has to do they have to run and tap all the people that got out and they have to run went them and if they make they win but the to win the shooting to really win.

After we play line basketball sol how play that it just simple you have to group and they have to line up at different sides.So what do after someone has to say a number if they called out 4 four people have to go and touch the the pole run to get the ball and you have to pass to your friend if you want to get a goal in.So who won it was my group and the other lose by one point but they did great.

In my conclusion i know that i don't have another paragraph because we didn't have time to play another game but it was so fun even when we won but the other group have a good mindset because never got mad but a less we had fun.

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  1. HI hiria just telling you to put capo till later in your story