Monday, 12 June 2017

bananas bread

Today room 7 was cooking banana bread and i was very excited because it is going to be  my first time eating banana bread but sore excited and we got into groups so my group was kika,Merielle and Coraline. So the first step we did was we got a bowl a and two pieces of bananas so what we had do we had to put the bananas in the bowl and mash it with a fork and after we got it all smooth the next we had to do that we had to watch Miss Ashley put every other different food in a bowl as Miss Ashley was finished she give out the 2 big bowl we were also giving a big spoon to mash the it but we had to mash it all up so as we finish that part Miss Ashley ask if we would like to have little tiny pieces of chocolate and we accept and it was started to get cooler.After that we had to mix the chocolate into it iks mix in together,After that we had to put the bananas bread a tray also miss put in the stuff room to cook it in oven.So after lunch we sat at our table waiting for our bananas bread i was so excited because i think that i would like it so miss give it out to us and she cut it into 8ths and we took one piece and t was yum and it was so delicious.I love the bananas bread it was so yummy if you have not had some before it is going to be yummy.

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