Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Should zoo exist

I think that zoos should exist because they can keep animals safe from predators, They can survive the wild by himself, and the animals protected from their enemies.

Zoo have the animals because they can't survive because people hunting for them also there are other animals that eat other animals and they are freezing to death.They should be protected all the time because hunting,other animals like Tiger,Lion,Cheetah and Shark.
For example:

Here is another reason zoo should exist:they have right to be protected for every harm they get in the wild and in the zoo they get protected and the do not get harm.
For example:

Here is a another reasons that zoos should exist They can get hurt by predators they need to be take them away from the wild also from thed predorcts that eat kind of animals also different kind of things can happen to the animals.
For example: Auckland zoo's breeding programme as a another example birds are given the right kinds to fly.
People should take care of the animals and be fair to

them and help them.

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