Monday, 16 October 2017

blindfold challenge

Today right after the roll we got into a game it was called the blindfold challenge, so Miss Ashley goes on and example what we were going to do in this game.

The first thing we did was get into buddy’s in two because that was the first thing Miss Ashley told us to do also my buddy was merielle.After we got into our buddy and line up and but the blindfold over our buddy to get started but the first when i was  wearing the blindfold i was thinking that merielle was the person to be trust to lead to the end by the blue back wall to guard me around.

So Miss Ashley said one person name as she calls them they head off playing me and merielle was waiting we were very excited but inside i was scared  because i didn’t know i was going but with merielle knowing where to go she will guard me away safely without getting hurt.Miss Ashley called our name and we rushed to start the game she was guarding me where to go but it was so frustrated because it didn’t hear merielle and i will always say “what Merielle”also another thing i said it was a question Merielle when are we going to the end?but i was confident that i will make it through but starting to get a tiny bit of petrified.

As she guard me to the blue wall i open my eyes it was so fizzy inside me and i was a bit dizzy for listening to merielle and turning it was a mess but we made it through i felt so much alive but it was super cool like a famous person feeling cool but it was super fun.

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