Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Partner yoga

Tuesday 24 October 2017,afternoon In room7 after a cool lunch Miss Ashley shouted out to us and we asked if we can go PE and Miss Ashley said “No!” SO then we began to think what it was but Miss Ashley haven’t told us yet after we pack up the class.
All of us sat on the mat,and waited.


until Miss Ashley showed us a presentation and it said partner yoga with lots of photos,so the first slide with the first yoga challenge was this picture.It was very easy and the challenge was about to start and after we did that pose Miss AShley told us to yso we don’t get stinky and sweaty.The next pose was a heart
and we had to balance so we won’t fall down
And it was a little bit tricky since me and my buddy were a bit small but we were flexible so it was kida easy because we were the same height so it was easy to do the poses and we were meticulously.IMG_0224.jpg

After we finished every body was very boisterous(loud)it was so hilarious because everybody was being weird and it was very hard for us to make that pose but we got the head of it so we headed on to another yoga pose.The yoga pose was a bit uncomfortable because the partner with their back ‘s down  was feeling a bit sore as the lend down But the other partner was all right it look like that we all are having a rest on someone back and the yoga pose was looking like this:Screenshot 2017-10-25 at 09.59.39.png
After me and merielle went into thes pose  it was a bit uncomfortable for her because her back was a bit hurting as she was lending down she was saw flexible and strong to hold.After we all finish the exhausted and fun pose Miss Ashley says “inhale,exhale”for as to calm down and have strength.After a painful yoga pose we had to do another pose everybody didn't care so they sticked with it.So Misz Ashley show us the photo and my reaction was” wow it seem a bit easy to do”. Me and Merielle went into the pose she went down and she  place her  and hands around my foot and bend down and reach for her back and we complete the pose but we had to wait into someone takes photo if you wanted to but it was hard to stay in the pose you will just want to fall down and have a rest for sec and the pose look like this: but it was hard to stay in the pose you will just want to fall down and have a rest for sec also  the pose we did look like this:Screenshot 2017-10-25 at 10.19.21.png
After we to a rest we had to inhale exhale 3 time to get a more on to another pose.Then after all of the breathing in and out we had to do 6th yoga challenge it was a bit off ranking what me and Merielle had to do was this merielle had to to something like a plank and i have to do another plank on top it was a bit hard because it will be a bit hard cause Merielle had to stay in a plank and i had to stay on top of her without falling down.The pose look right like this:  Screenshot 2017-10-25 at 10.31.04.png

After all that fun we were finished partner yoga and headed out ford pe.The best part was doing yoga for the first time it was a bit fun because me and Merielle was flexible and meticulously.

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