Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Yoga challenge 2.0

         Yoga Challenge 2.0
Today on friday the 26 of october in the just in the morning we had a new teacher her name was Mrs Fepuleai she was just helping out for Miss Ashley.First straight after the roll we got into yoga challenge 2.0.So the first we were ask was get into buddy,so we got straight into our old buddy which my old buddy was Merielle.
our  first pose  was a little bit tricky but me and hiria actually did it but it was very possible to do and it was a little bit funny.After we figured out on how to to the pose Miss Fepuleai said to us “you have to hold that pose for ten seconds” and we did held our pose for a little bit longer then we stopped and then we finished this pose but we had to “inhale,exhale”after every pose.

WHen we finished our first pose we moved on to the next pose was
Very tricky and hard because we had to bend but me and hiria tried our best and we actually made it and it was very funny because we kept on falling down so then we decided that we should try again and TADA!! we did it and it was amazing since it was very hard and we did “inhale,exhale.

After all those pose we started off something much harder the part was 1 person had so a handstand on two people’s knees hard about the was is trying to do a handstand for long into we get a photo. But we were going to try but my buddy were kika and lydia for short and Merielle was with Grace and Edith.So kika and lydia lift me up  and we just had a lucky day we complete it probably they were flexible because i am a bit light and short so it will be better for people to left  me am a bit small and there were being e meticulously(Carefully). .After everybody was drowned out some people were being very boisterous so Miss Sharam comes over to room7 and asks that if we can be a little quiet because she was being a little boisterous so we got quiet and did some exhale inhale 3 times.

Next we got started on a something very much harder it was very difficult because it involved having some strongness.Me,Grace,Edith,Coralee,Lydia and Merielle try to make that pose it was just like someone on the floor another person on top them and the person on the floor have to lift them which was Grace lifting and everybody on top on each other then we fail so we carry on again and a again and we did make but we were kind of flexible when we got into it but not that much but we try anyway we got to calm down we us inhale exhale.

About the yoga lesson was being flexible and strong but having faith that we can do it we be no worry because we strong and my favourite pose was the last one and it was really funny because6 all the girls did it altogether.

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