Wednesday, 29 November 2017

baking with room 8

today room 7 and room 8 were heading off to the hall together for a special active that will blow our mind was baking and cooking,it was very exciting  i like baking a lot.First Miss Ashley said to us if korowai at that would have to put the blue sheets on the floor to cover half of the space we were going to use so the crumbs and mess can land on the blue sheet.So as soon we got it on place we had to get into our group which i was with alyssa,stephany,hope L and korowai so we gather together to get ready for the first step which was get a table and some chairs so they all but the tables on the blue sheet.

My group went to get a bowl for the first thing then Miss Ashley explained what was going to happen which was close your eyes and pick on paper that has rolls how to make something so i went up and i choose chocolate chip cookies so we read it to understand how to make chocolate chip cookies.Then we headed over to Miss Ashley and put everything in first that says on step 1 which was a half of butter and and a half of sugar mix together so it can be creamy, as soon it creamy and smooth the the other step was brown sugar 1 egg mixs together into it all soft and then we can but the chocolate drops on but we were said to break them in half because it was to big so my group and  i broke all of them in bites half so we can move on.

the next step was get a tray and put some butter on the tray and put a bit of butter on and then we put them into balls and flatten them on the tray 1 person each so we carry on flatten them.So it was for them to be bake so we waited for a few minutes and play a board game with someone into the cookies are bake.Are few minutes later it was bake and ready smelling nice so we all sat on our table and got a paper towel each to put our food on,so we started grab 1 cookie each and we got to eat som eone else food which they made so we can taste how wonderful they are it was very fun and yummy which all of them were it was very amazing the food.

my favourite part was getting to bake cookies for my first and also tasting everybody else yummy food it was very fun to bake and cook with room 8 it was super as fun.

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