Wednesday, 14 September 2016

winter sunset

One twilight dusk day there was a man was rolling through the sunset wearing warm gloves,warm jacket,soft scarf  and warm pants.there was birds twittering and the man follow them.the man felt beautiful and shiny from the glorious glistened sunset and he loved it so much.

when\ he was rolling through the sunset  he noticed that the sunset was going down to the horizon so it went pitch black so he did not know where he was going then he felt a end of something he went close and he fell in the lake and he didn't know how to swim so he yelled for help and no one came.

So he called for help more so he did and a framer heard the man so he follow it and he saw the man and ran like a cheetah and jump in like cat ran away and he safe the man because he know how to swim and got him out and the man was amazed that he was alive so the man thank him for saving him and they were happy together.

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  1. What a wonderful story Hiria. You have improved so much! I like how you have used some describing words like what the man was wearing, and to describe the setting. It helps me create a picture in my head of what is happening.

    Keep it up!