Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Three kids

'' wow '' what a glorious beautiful  nice morning the sun shiny through the trees and the birds twittering through the forest.The three kids they ran of to school like they are having a race and they said bye to there dad then they walk off.

When they did they had a race to school and when they are half way there was a huge big white bridge they said it smell like paint also they feel cracking on their feet then they look i was cracking then they ran and ran so they got worry that they were going to fall off also they yell for help and help and they were very very very worry.

When they were stuck there were a helicopter they saw them and came down to safe them and land them on a safe place  at the school also they were amazed to be alive and at school and they call there dad and he was worry so he came to the school and he was happy that they were alive so we were all happy together.


  1. i like your story writing hiria it has detail awesome

  2. My goodness Hiria, your stories just get better and better! You have used paragraphs, lots of details, lots of powerful words and you have dialogue at the beginning - awesome! You have been working very hard in the past few weeks to improve your writing. I am so proud of you!