Sunday, 18 September 2016

Foggy morning

‘’Wow what a foggy cold morning said the ‘’man strolling through the forest wearing scarf,soft hat,warm jacket and closely boats also his friend was wearing the same thing.They were strolling through the giant huge trees like they were in a movie and they went so far far away.

Then when they were strolling they got lost and there eyes didn’t know what to do so they called for help HELP!!!.When they were yelling for help a muscle man was walking by he saw them and then he said i will HELP YOU loud so he did.

the man  not got his muscle arms  and  raised it in the air then he shook the muscle on the bear trap so he pull the bear trap apart finally he got them out then catch them they didn’t believe they were alive they were happy and the man warming them to not go out in a foggy day then they all laughed together and happy together.

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