Tuesday, 6 September 2016

My cat soft ginger

One day me and my beautiful cat called soft ginger he love the sunny shiny day and love to play with balls he  was nice and lonely cat that look after himself like me.

One day i woke up and went to soft ginger room and he was not there i got frightened and afraid something happen to him so i went out and it was cold and windy so i look around and glanced at the back of me and soft ginger was not there  so i went inside and through and through and i go a amazing idea that i will put photo of soft ginger a big poster so i did and think it must work.

The next day i was crying hard in soft ginger room from long then i went but in the bush beside the post i could smell flower i thourgh that soft ginger smell like that so i went to the greenish bush and put my hand in it and it was soft and it was soft ginger i grab him hard and hug him and i said that i miss you i will never leave you and he felt so so so happy to be back and me.

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