Sunday, 25 February 2018

Why i was late Recount

Today on the cloudy cold breeze it was monday a school they my kum came but from her boyfriend's house as soon as she got here we all got ready for school but it was only 7:01 but it was worth it. When I went to go for a shower for like 10 minutes I could hear my mum calling up "hurry up"she yelled but she was yelling at orland my brother because she had to rush to north shore cause she left her changer at home and she needed her phone for something so I got out of the shower as quick as a cheetah and got dress.

When I got ready and my little brother Irirangi my mum didn't want to wait so she left without my brother because he didn't want to come he wanted to walk to school. So my brother, mum and me headed off to north shore, it took for long the traffic was just slow as a snail probably a snail faster than this slow traffic.We made it to the motorway the road that I hate out any kind of roads it just boring because it makes me go to sleep and there is saw heaps of traffic it is so dumb.

My mum made to her boyfriend's house and got out of the car also me and went to get her changer and heels out of the room. So she got everything but she didn't know where who water was so she with to buy a bottle of water at the shop. We made it to the shop at got her drink, she also got me and my brother a drink to it was yummy I had banana taste and my brother had chocolate taste it was good.

We left the shop we got back on the road but suddenly there were hardly any cars in the lanes so my mum didn't need to wait for long. It was good because I made it to school almost I was a bit late I less I went to school cause I love school.

it was not fun being late also all that traffic it was boring like the motorway but unless I got school to learn.

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