Sunday, 11 February 2018

dantel lunch

First.One afternoon in mexico a dog called dante with the chocolate fur he was a bit hungry so he decided to go through the trash and then big noise walked as soon when he hoped into the trash BANG! To the ground with his tail bent as he licking his lips staring at the bone his  prey with his parawai brown eyes delightfully slided down to the bone then inhale it sense and the bone then something happen… he snap his teeth together and it  gave him a big hit against the head.

Next.Dantel started to bark and chase the bone  down the street.Then was passing the a table filled with yummy food and hopped onto it with his rose pink tongue hanging out and the people we grasping soon dantel hoped on screaming out “AHHHHH!”the people scream as he bounced himself off.Next he climbed a house the the roof and snap his teeth and grabbed the bone with his big sharp teeth with a smile on his face.

Then dantel fell into  pile of beautiful flowers which had pretty bubble gum pink,so dantel leap out of the pile of flowers and headed off with the bone.But he had bad luck happen because the bone was contarling him backwards and pulling out his tongue and everywhere first he bumped it the fence and crash into the food store,mask store then the cacters store and he was a bit dressed up he had a voiletmask on and he had a lot of prickles on him he look tired.

.finally they stop the drop towards the dust out of health so he got up ready to get the white bone which was white as a cloud but suddenly and hand slowly went down and pick the bone up and click it back to his arm then the dog shaked everything off we excitement because the man had a lot of bone on him and dantel loved it so he started a chase with the man it was silly.
It was amazing for the dog he had a lot of bone for lunch and for the man not good he probably got chase for the rest of the day.


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