Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Recount of the softball game

One day it was softball so I rush to school at 8:20 that had to actually had to come at 8:30 but I came early. So I walked down to the hall to get dress into our sports uniform in the bathroom, Then all the boys was taking up the bathroom so I had to go to the other bathroom and got ready excitement but first I was checking I had a hat in searched in my bag but there was nothing their it was just my jacket I But my hat wasn't there but I asked we Miss Ashley and she said"get the one in room 7 in a box that says Miss Ashley stuff"She said.Then we got into our years so the teachers can call the roll for each year, after everything was done ready for us to walk down to dunkirk for our softball game.

we arrived there with everything our bags the headed down to a spot. We put our bags down to wait for our game it took for a wild but our game was at 10:00 now it was around 9:30. year 7&8 their game was up I was cheering for them "I hoped they win"I said. After it was our game up we were versing Pt england the good team but I think we maybe can be the man on this game so we got into a line and walked down to the field.We got to b at first but sadly all of us couldn't play together we had to have three out of the game which was Alyssa, Dwyane and me because I was a bit tired.The game did go good I can example that they were really sweaty and got a lot of people out and had abit of score to make us have a draw that's good lucky they didn't lose but we have to vs them in the finals if we make it.

After we had a little break we some water and food and a lay down for a rest. For a half in hour break we had a pastice throwing and catch mostly we need to learn how to catch to get people out all the year 6 play because the years went off to the play but I didn't feel like to so I had a little sit down.After half in hour it was time to play our 2 game versing stanhope i have luck for us that we are going to win, this time I didn't stay out I hadn't to play because I only play a bit of the 1 game we got ready and went in place we rock paper we the other team and they won and choose to bat. We all was so sweaty because it was pretty hot and we won the score was 11-7 it was a good game then we went back to our bags.

After we all pack up got all our bags and put down the chairs and the sunscreen and took a school photos all together and headed to back to school for a breck to have at the hall for some milk.

It was a very good game we made it to the semifinals 8-2 we won that and the 3th game we won on the finals we didn't win it was Pt england but we came 2th place that really good it was amazing.

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