Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Recount of the Rollercoster

One sunny morning it was Jesse and James birthday so we thought  we can celebrate their birthday riding the biggest huge roller coaster for some fun on this wonderful day.

As we walked to the ride we all hopped onto the ride then click our belt on me was so terrified.Then suddenly it magically went forwards up then backward down so I hold on so hard for safely on the other hand Jesse and James were enjoining this ride weirdo's.

On this ride I felt butterflies and goosebumps as the bloody red cart was jittering up I was shaking the whole way up I was in shock I just wanted to get off, the passengers were screaming as their stinky breath slowing come towards me at the back of my head it felt so yucky. I could taste my sweat as it slowly went down on my face also I could taste yummy lovely popcorn it smell like there were flowers were growing around me also hotdog even yummy but suddenly my eyes started to get blurry and my belly started to be sick(nauseous) like my belly was screaming and roaring as the cart started to inverted with wobbly bumpy rails it got me off put.

Finally it was time to hop off I was happy with joy but was whole body was shaking with fear inside of me but outside of me I felt calm and okay at less, Jesse and James were sleeping on the cart silly billy but I felt sick bad then they feel.

I felt so good after the ride it was as cool most of the time but it was so fun I love this day on Jesse and James birthday when it my birthday I really want to go to here on the rollercoaster"you are dreaming you were sacred and I was brave"James said

"so I don't care am going to try and try"Hiria said"
"yea James she is probably braver than you"replied Jesse
"thanks Jesse you are the best"Hiria replied
"ok maybe you have a chance to not be brave but I am saw the bravest"replied James.

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  1. hiria this so great I like how you put some many detail and how your story is fantastic and maybe next time you could add more dialgoa then it would be a bit better I like you work and you are amazing keep up the hard work hiria
    from Lily.