Monday, 27 March 2017

Tamaki creek

This morning room 7 went to the creek we were going to the creek this afternoon but there must be thumberstrom in the afternoon so we decided to go this morning.

Next we got to the creek then there were cops and drama across Tripoli road. We got in 2 groups called water and rubbish we had make plan for the movie. Then we saw Hope.T mum helping with the drama, the cops across the road were doing breath test so there is no drunk driving also it was just a random check.

Then we were walking back to school and the cops were still looking for drunk drivers, we were walking we saw Syariah-lee atb the diary as soon Mrs Ashley saw her she yelled out SYARIAH-LEE YOU'RE LATE!’’it look like she felt embarrassed when she saw us, After we rush because we had to go Kiwican.

At Kiwican Mrs Lily and Mr M were there,Mrs lily had a game for us it was called Auckland game.In was mix up what we had to do was if Mrs say sky tower,beehive,roller coaster,harbour bridge or apocalypse you have to do the action of it.In the game i like apocalypse because we had to be a zombie and try to get someone, also after that we played chinese whispers what we had to do was is someone had to say something and give it on and on so on the last people they have to say when we get it wrong people laugh a lot.After all these game we were finished we were done And said thank you and we walked back to class.

At kiwi was cool with Mrs Lily and Mr M is fun doing different things went them and lots of games and i was amazing at kiwican also i felt tired after kiwican.

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