Wednesday, 29 March 2017


Today it was a crazy hair,crazy hair day is when you make your hair cazy also you have to wear mufit, At class there was a reliever in our class her name was Mrs Tipene we were playing a game with her it was called silent sorting.

Next we had to get in 2 groups and i was in group 2 in silent sorting ,first order was get in to the youngest to the oldest also oldest had to go at the back of the line and the youngest at the front, i was the 2th youngest in the game and you had to be quietly as a mouse also fast.

After Mrs Tipene telled us that we had to go in the months to the first month to the last month fast and quietly, i was the last month in my group it was december  also we got a point for doing it fast and quietly and we ending up with 5 points already.

Then Mrs Tipene told us we had to tell how much people that lives in your house  to the lowest number go front the highest number at the back we did get it fast and quietly i was last because i had 8 in my house, we got a 5 points for fast and quietly.Now Mrs Tipene told us to do shoes size the smallest shoes goes to front and biggest shoes goes at the back  i was in the front my shoes was a bit little also we only got 2 points because we did it fast but not quietly.

In the game was so nervous i fought that we won't get that much points then in was happy and proud that we got 25 points it was a high number and the other team had 16 points but good for them.



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