Monday, 20 March 2017


At skateboarding were were waiting for the two men.Then the two men called martin and haydn to teach us skateboarding

so we were getting ready we had to put a keens pads,elbow pads, rest pads and helmet to be safe,

after that we choose i skateboards and got ready on the yellow line first the guy told to put had to put our feet and that called side by side so he know you are listening.

what we started with there were 4 dots on the board you had to cover 2 dots
and we were skating with 1 legs again and again  and we are were getting then we starting with 2 legs we had to go through that so we learn and learn and we got the right steps for it.

At skating it was fun we learn a lot to our brain and was so great and then we went back to class.

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