Tuesday, 3 July 2018

sister to help

Brainstorm of ideas - two people having a walk in the woods and hiking

Describing character/setting - short hair yellow and pink shirts running shoes

Ideas for the problem - one of them get stuck under a big brunch

Ideas for the solution - the sister went to get help

Start here:  on the weekends on one lovely day in the hot boiling sun there were lovely two woman strolling through the woods their names were lucy and jenny they had another sister penny but she had things to do on the weekends

First as they entered the clear happy amazed woods in hampton that’s where they lived with there family. They were running and jogging everyday getting power each day with their amazing new shoes as they were running faster everyday just like a cheetah that’s way they are called running shoes , as the winds fly through there blonde golden hair it felt smooth and nice against their neck but a tip of their hair didn’t move a bit  probably because it is lovely short hair with nice waves.

Next they walk just pass a little bird house lucy says to jenny”doesn’t birds tree goes up?” she says “ yes i think so” jenny replied so they countied to walk. As lucy and jenny coutied to wander they pass off something it was a dead tree with a lot of broken brunches but the we giant and huge they tried to get the brunch down so it won’t drop on someone but it did...BANG drop the brunch on jenny tummy she was terrified and scared she didn't know what to do but lucy was the only one to call for help so she runs and runs to get calling on her phone. So lucy got one bar on her phone so she calls 911 for help” hello how can i help you”

“ um can you help my sister she got caught under a brunch she is really hurt”

“ where are you two”

“Um we are at the hampton woods 247 parking”

“ we are coming in a hurry don’t”

“Ok bye thank”

Lucy runs back to her sister she trys her best to get her sister out but she could get a tip of the brunch off she was really worry as soon she hears a noise that was really loud she goes and checks and it was the help she got they lift the brunch off with a really strong rope and flip the brunch off.

Lucy was free and thanks her sister a millions time for all the hard work she did so they so were thinking we should find something safer to walk in they laugh happily ever weird day.

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