Thursday, 15 March 2018

day at room 2

Today I am here with room 2 for today because I can’t walk and my class and them went on a walk to somewhere for school trip so had to stay I really wanted to go but I hadn’t to go downstair for the half the day my class will be back before morning tea.

The first thing I did went room 2 was go to music when me and my class going after but that’s ok I can go to times. We just learned about music that it is sound and sound is beat and that I did have a lot of fun we played a game called the danger pattern when the music teacher Mr Celeb he but a beat on the board whatever on the board you don’t play it which was the danger pattern it was so cool.

We were done for music and next they had to to kiwisport I didn’t join because I can’t walk so I just watched room 2 and how they go. They first did a warm up with a game that there has to be two tagers and the rest have fun away from those tagers to not get out if you do get tag you have to stay with one leg and arm and to get out someone has to kick your hand and you are free to run. Then they did some kicking on the pads which they had to get in four groups and line in you groups and start to kick hard and strong to be good at it also a master at it, they all were really good they were amazing.

They were finished and headed off to class for some work they started on writing there words they know and spell and write other words on a whiteboard to be good at writing words nicely and I just went on the computer.

The amazing but was having fun it kind of cool i loved it i had fun it was cool i hope i can come back.

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