Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Pak N Save

Today room 7 and room 9 were going to packing save.Why we were going to packing save because we are going to read out so labels from each kind of food.The first thing we did was we went into to groups and got sorted,When room 9 came to out class they went in there groups just like us so when they got sorted the buses were here then the first group headed to the bus the way to pak n save also the fun part was we got to sit at the back but i didn't.

When we got there we check if everybody was here after we check we saw a lady from the heart foundation and her name was Tina she was a very nice lady she went through what we were going to do.So the thing we had to do was we get a paper and it has labels and we have to write down the name of the food and write the sugar and that after that on the behind there were colours name what we had to do on that page was write down what fruit that has that colour inside it.After we went through that we went in packing save and the thing we went in was bars and my groups pick two of any bars and write down the sugar and that,After when we finished that we went onto bread and pick any kind of bread write the labels and also i pick two bread that had the same labels.

After that we went to milk and i pick yummy things and they were a little healthy and had same labels and i also felt like eating it because it made me so hungry.When we finished that we went on a last one and that was cereals and i pick coco pops and wrote the labels and then i pick another cereal and wrote the labels.After all that we had to found the colour of the inside of the fruit and it took a bit a rush because we were bit of a hurry and then we finally we all though.

When we finish i was think in packing save it was amazing i love it,it made me think more about doing labels and learning lots of labels so when i was thinking the bus came it was coolImage result for pak n save

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