Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Bean Boozled challenge!

Today in the morning on the 12th of April on Thursday at Tamaki Primary School. Miss Ashley had a plan for us to do she said “did you know how it was christmas I got a lot of sweets from Miss kormo she also gave me a jelly bean game and maybe we can play it”she example to us. So she example the game it was called Bean Boozled challenge, so Miss Ashley and room 7 had a turn each.

On round 1 Miss AShley choose someone to go first and she picked keru and he felt a bit nervous for start but as Miss Ashley shaked it.up.down.up.down.up.down. Then he got green it would be lawn or lime, but he wanted chocolate pudding which was the brown jelly beans he had a reaction which was pretty good because he didn’t get dog lawn he got lime which was good because it would be a ugly reaction towards us looking at his face. Next Miss Ashley pick someone else to come up which was lopi he says “ I don’t want boggers” he says to Miss Ashley So Miss shaked it and lopi pick one up fast and it was white it would be spoiled milk or coconut and he started to eat it, his reaction was...bad he had the ugly look on his face and he only could taste was spoiled milk that wouldn’t been yucky and bad to eat so he just spit it out into the bin.

After lopi bad reaction it was someone time to taste a jelly bean and it was Michel. He got up and he was a bit shocked to get a bad one but saw a bit excited, Miss Ashley shaked hard as she can and pop out a green which be grass or lime it might be a bad reaction to his face. He chew.chew.chew. Then he got a weird reaction saying it was sweet too sweet but it took a wild for him to taste and it was...GRASS!!! “Yuck yuck” he said with a weird voice like he was going to barf. Then it was time for another person to come up which was Tipene he was waited for Miss to finish shaking the jelly beans so he pick one which was the colour green and he tasted it again.again.again. He got barf which was yucky i wouldn’t want that he felt yuck he didn’t like it at all.
Miss ashley pick Dywane for the next one and she waiting as well for Miss ashley to shake and so pick her own and the colour was brown and she hope she can get caramel corn but she got something else which was... liquorice which she like but it smelt like it but it didn’t taste like it, it was coffee but it wasn’t on the list because we could smell her health which smelled like coffee which yuck I didn’t like coffee it was just bad smell maybe taste but I know that wouldn’t been nice to taste.

At the end I didn’t want to end I really liked the game it was fun but not when i get the bad ones it just bad tasting to do but at the the same time i had fun but not when we had to write a story about it.

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