Wednesday, 18 May 2016

the little girl

One day a little girl she was walking around then she found cool house then she went to the big house she fall in it a fall down at a litte door she try to get the door open then later she found a cup of milk she drinking it And came big she saw a key and open the door she went in it and she couldn’t get out.After she heard a nosies and a blue monster came he was eating everything the cakes and the lolly.Then he stop and came forward to the little girl and started to get her she run and run fast .Then she hide by a rock then the monster was walking around then the sun came up but when she knew that monster was scare of sun the monster want run away so he did and she was happy that he is gone so she went back home by her family happily s.Image result for blue monsteri was writing about a little girl go lost in the cady world and writing there was a moster is the story and i use powerful words in my story.

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