Monday, 5 August 2019

Cybersmart T3 W3- Quaity comments

Kia ora and welcome to my blog. Today in cybersmart WALT: create a quailty blog comment, our class had to do this activtiy relating to creating a quailty comment.

What we had to do was:
The year 7 had to at less do 7 sentences startes
and the year 8 had to do 8 sentences startes.
The year 7 had to start something like I really enjoyed...
and the year 8 had to start with something like I really appreciated...
We all had to start with a cultural greeting and a cultural goodbye.
For example:
Maori-Haere rā
Tonga-Alu a
Samoan- Tofa
and other amazing culture goodbye.
We all had to remember to use only 1x really, 1x loved , 1x enjoy, 1x liked and 1x learnt cause you can use other words then those words.

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

What is a smart relationship?

Today I have just compete a google drawing and in that google drawing had a question. " what is a smart relationship. I had explain it with one letter at a time cause I thought it would be easier and more intresting to read.
I had design it in my own way to make my work interesting, unqiue and eye catching.
I hope you learn "what is a smart relationship"? and how would you explain that in your own words.
Hoped you enjoyed!
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Sunday, 28 July 2019

Cybersmart- smart footprint:T2 task

Kia ora and welcome to my first blog for term 3 week 2. Today I will be showing what I have did for technology. In term 2 we had technology task to finish but didn't finish it so we had a present with allt eh task people didn't get to finish. Well I had finished the task on the presention because we had to present it to our technology teacher Ms. Collions and we had 3or 4 days to finish it so if you didn't finish it could make Ms. Collions upset even when we had a lot of days to finish it but some people didn't finsh but they got the time to finish somethig slides which is saw ok. When people were going to present we had to give them soccer in how well they did and if they finish it or not. the person who gets the most votes get a big bar of chocolate when we did all of that we had a winner which was stanley he got a really big bar of chocolate. The others got something to they got a marshmello santa chocolate, here is my presention of my cybersmart task hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Technology- Hard materials

Kia ora and welcome to my blog. In technology we get to design any type of wood work before we get into making the real wood work we had to sketch 8 design that you were wanting to design.

When you are ok with want you have you have to tell the teacher but they have to be happy about it to make them happy you have a least have a joint in your design and also have a design that is possible to make that is all you have to do. 

What I had wanted to design was a jeep so in technology I will be designing a ship. I think I will be making this for my little brother because to be honest he steals our cousins car all the time so maybe this will help him not to steal any cars again but at least he doesn't steal from stores. I think maybe my brother will play with it with my other brother or no he just might not share it and he is always on a netbook or a phone so this will also help him.

That is all for my blog and maybe you guys can try to make some design also woodwork but remember you need a parent near for help cause there are dangerous things you have to do like cutting and you never know you might cut yourself.

Everyone I hope you enjoy and have a great day.  

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Monday, 24 June 2019

Survival skills

Kia ora and welcome to my blog and today we were talking about what we will be needing to survive in the woods or when you are going hiking.

The first question is:
What would you first put in your bag?
Related image
Well If I was going to answer that I will pick water.
Related image

The second question is:
why would you need water and food to survive?
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The other question is: why do you need all of these things I have wrote down on my google drawing to survive?
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There is also a other question:
What if you forgot and  didn't have those things to survive? and what would you do?
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Feel free to leave your answer down below and thank you for visiting my blog and I also hoped that you learnt something from this blog also please give me feedback and have a great day

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

If you had one place to explore what would it be?

If was a to explore some amazing places in the world I would really like to go to ireland cause me and my family are irish and I don’t know that much about irish things irish people do or like doing.
If I was in ireland now I would learn so much what they like to eat if the wear something different to us or just wears the same.
I just learnt that they have cool dishes that they eat like they eat stew which is really healthy for them.
What they put in the stew is potatoes, carrots, diced lamb chops, canadian bacon.
I also just learnt that they wear dark colours in ireland and they also wear warm things there cause it cold there and it mostly rains all the time.

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Kia ora and welcome to my here up top is a little story about if I was going to explore any cool place what place would I go. I choose Ireland cause my family is irish and I thought maybe I would learn  more about Irish people. I did say that I just learnt that they love making and eating stew which is really healthy.
If you could explore any place where would you go?

Image result for stew in ireland

Would you want to eat this?
Do you think it is fancy?
Do you think it's healthy?
Does this make you hungry?
What do you like about this dish? 
what would you have something else with the stew?
what makes this dish YUMMY?
How is this dish made? (and surely you already know)
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Do you like to wear warm clothes all the time?
Do you like wearing black clothes all the time?

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Image result for ireland flag gif
Do you like how cool their flag are or no?
Image result for ireland flag gif
Are u from ireland?
Are you irish?

you are free to comments you answer and comment down some feedback and what I should work on.