Monday, 25 June 2018

The magican's elephant

On a hot boiling day Peter was at the market to get some food  - fish and bread then at the top of the corner of his eye he saw a sign near a tent that you can hear the truth about your life but he needed the money for the food so he  was standing right outside the tent  with his nervous face feeling shy to walk right in there.

 Peter was looking afraid all over his face showing a shocked face.

 As Peter was standing right outside the tent he was thinking should I spend the money on the food or the truth -  he decided he should and deciding the consequences if he goes and hear the truth but he looked a bit interested to enter so he agreed with his guts  - he should go in the tent but his heart said no go use the money to buy the food.

 Peter entered the tent and the woman says to him” you may hear the truth with a dollar to hand me” she explained to Peter with anxious face. Peter was shocked - on top of her lungs - her voice shouting across the room with screams out her body.

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