Thursday, 14 June 2018

The full moon

The full moon
The full moon is in the violet blue sky with all the stars shine bright down to the cold freezing river as it reflect upon.

The full moon is a white bright moon just like some peoples white teeth.

The full moon is the last one to happen in the night time.Full moon is a enormous large circle of grey hard iron.
The full moon is like the light in your room but just whiter, brighter and lighter.

The full moons bright light is shiny through the blue cold freezing water in the river.

The trees  are full with dead green leaves as it float down to the violet river as it’s waves swishing through the soil upon the grass.

The Clouds are Long and bright Like some of the white Candy floss.

Some Clouds Can be Short and long some can be
Fluffy and Bright.

Most Clouds can be large and some clouds can look
Like other stuff like a cat or a dog .

If you look in the sky you will see the Clouds moving because the wind is blowing it.

The trees are swishing and swaying around and around the sand is kind of blowing away and into the sea and some of the branches are breaking in half and are going on the ground it will go in the sea and be careful.

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