Sunday, 3 September 2017


Once a upon a time there was a type of hairy sweet gorilla his name was john because his brother that died named john so he change his name to john so he can remember him he wasn’t a scary gorilla he was incredible to help other with thinks they need to do,he always tries to find a way to meet a human because really wanted to make a friend(A human friend) but his dad Ron he didn’t expect because he thinks of human gross and crawl because when he was a baby they sneaked up to his parents and took them away he never forgot that day.

One day john went for a stroll in the woods because he wanted to get away from his dad that treats him like a baby he thinks of his dad overprotected.John says “wow what a sunny day it so so great”he says in a cam way,So as john was heading home he could hear noises john didn’t like it “Ok don’t be sacred your a gorilla”he say to john stops and sees who making all that nosies because it sounded like a fox that is sick and he was a bit scared because he was scared of fox and he didn’t know what was going to be...and it only three human camping in the woods john was a bit happy because it was his first time seeing human but it was a bit strange because they had big guns and they look alot of hunting so john goes back the way to home then the hunter heard john so they went to look and there was something shown in there conner of there eyes so they went to go and see with there guns in the air loaded and john was scared but he say to himself”ok i should just say am nice not a bad scary gorilla”.So he walkes to them really slowing like  snail he was a bit nervous,so he headed to them and they all just got in a shocked because they never knew that gorilla can talk so they just got ready to shot and then john ran so fast he never stop and look back he was in a shock because he fought that they will be nice and would not shot him but he was wrong so he goes in a old tree house he made and hide from him “oh god”.so he stayed in quiet mode as he moved and a creak in the  tree house and they heard it so they headed up there and the hunters say together “time to die” and they point the gun to john and john close his eye and he heard a gunshot but he wasn’t dead and he open his eyes and his dad shot the hunters and with his gun he kept for years and john was happy and his dad was proud and not mad he didn’t do nothing so they just did nothing and headed home in clam not talking all the way.

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