Monday, 31 July 2017

WAL:about the history of hip hop

Today we were going to kiwisport and the topic was hip hop and we there to learn how to dance.As we got a lady called jasmine she was our hip hop teacher and she was ready to get us started.The first think we did is learn about the history about hip hop she told us four topic in hip hop was art,poetry,music and dance.In each one was breakdancing,graffiti,dj and rap.So what we learned after that was why,when and where.where was it?it was in America New york,When was it?It started in 1973 and why they started hip hop was that the african america and the latinos was being bully so they got repressed so they wanted to expression themself so they crated hip hop.Jasmine told us everything about hip hop so we started  to do the dances,the name of the dances was smarf and james brown

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