Sunday, 26 February 2017

WALT summaire a text

T1 W5
I am learning to summarise a text
I can put the main ideas of the page into one or two sentences

Page 15
Dr thinkmore was giving weird science demonstrations to the school.she hold two yucky looking 1-litre -plastic bottles.
Page 16
After a minute of shaking the bottle with the small amount  of water clearly clean.dr thinkmore  pretend to be surprised after that the kids where driftwood cames from.
Page 17
My aunties go out for fishing  in their boat most days and doesn't wear away. It covers in seaweed and barnacles and  dr thinkmore challenge the kids to get more ideas.

  1. Dr Thinkmore is a science
  2. Her experiment was to put different amounts of water into tomato sauce bottles and lots of clear water.
  3. Her experiment was trying to show that less water into tomato sauce bottles and see which one is the cleanest.
  4. Amber suggested that the piece of driftwood off the beach
  5. Sam thought that it was a bit of broken boat.
  6. Sandra thought that the driftwood doesn't come from boats because when here aunt's go fishing their boat don't get worn by water
  7. Dr Thinkmore started to look pleased because moana and lo mae was on something.

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