Tuesday, 28 February 2017

I am learning to identify homographs

I am learning to identify homographs
I am learning to use homographs in a sentence to show the different meanings

I turned back and walked back where I came from.
My back is under my neck and above my legs.
After swimming I had to change out of my wet togs.
The shopkeeper gave me my change which was $2.
Light the light in the sun.
Light the heavy ball got lighter
Wind the cold wind.
Wind wine it up.
Sink the boat sink
Sink i washed my hands in the sink
Sign the letter.
Sign i see sign on the roads
Bass touch the bass in softball.
Bass hit the bass the hole.
Down in the hole.
Down i feel sad and down.
Rock the hard rock.
Rock rocking a baby.
Leadam the leader.
Lead the can lead.
Bati hit the ball with a bat.
Bat the bats came out at night.
Cani can do it.
Can i open coke can.
Row eggs.
Row row your boat.
Bank money bank.
Bank i ran up to the bank up to the hill.
Fine i feel so fine right now.
Fine i have fine hair.

Draw i can draw somethings.
Draw i had a draw in a game.
Bear a big bear chasing me.
Bear my dad had a  bear.
Mind my mind is good.
Mind mind me for my steps.
May i almost my birthday in may.
May i have a turn on the monkey bars.
Rose my aunt rose is coming.
Rose i love the smell of the roses.

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