Thursday, 3 November 2016

my story

“My girl are you sleeping?!! Said” dad” NO!! Please can you go to sleep ok dad sweet dreams  baby girl goodnight to you goodnight to you baby girl.

“Ow ow ow my back sore she woke up and look on the top of the bed and under her bed and a green big giant huge monster came and grab your leg like he  was going to beat her legs.Then she Yelled out MONSTER MONSTER!!! She yelled with scared with a terrified face on her she was feeling she be attack and she got so scared that she stand like she was frozen also she didn’t know what to do she just stand like she frozen.

She unfrozen she got terrified when someone opened the door and it was the dad he saw what the monster was doing to her so he ran and grab and push to the wall at the scary monster slide put to his home and dad went to the girl and hug so dad thought that the girl can sleep in his room so she can be safe with her dad and the girl think that is a good idea so they went back to sleep and had nice sweet dreams.

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